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Devita Absolute Soft Blend Creme To Powder Foundation | Seville .35oz DISCONTINUED
Devita Absolute SoftBlend Cream to Powder Foundation | Gluten Free Cosmetics, Natural Make Up, All Natural Cosmetic, All Natural Foundations

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Devita Absolute Seville Soft Blend Creme To Powder Foundation

#7 Seville - A cool tone for medium-to-tan skin with rosy undertones | Think-Actress - Jessica Alba

Does your skin crave a unique, emollient rich mineral make up foundation experience? We invite you to try DeVita's absolute SoftBLEND™ creme to powder foundation. This is not just another mineral make-up! Our exquisite combination of enlightening pigments, active moisturizers, delicate floral waxes and DeVita™s age defying, anti-oxidant rich marine algae, delivers unsurpassed comfort and wear-ability! DeVita absolute SoftBLEND™ feels soft and creamy when first applied, then instantly blends to a velvety, moist powder finish providing high performance flawless coverage, without the dry, itchy feeling of other foundations. Just great, healthy coverage you can count on. Best for medium to full coverage for those who prefer a solid cream to powder style foundation. This foundation is quickly and cleanly applied and best suited for normal to dry skin (0.35oz/10g).

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you the most exciting development in scientifically advanced botanical skin formulas that harness and actually help to minimize the visible signs of both biological and environmental aging while delivering therapeutic concentrations of phyto-intensive skin nutrition. All of our products have been formulated for those living with sensitive skin, mature skin and troubled, acne-prone skin. Our team of estheticians, natural cosmetic chemists and dermatologists combine their expertise to ensure the effectiveness and quality of all of our products. With Devita, you don't have to choose which product is right for you... each formulation utilizes the bio-intelligence of nature’s rare essential oils to balance, restore, enhance the skin's natural biochemistry

Our shades of absolute BASE loose powder foundation colors are the base for all the foundation colors - which means that a #1 in absolute BASE foundation is similar to a #1 softBLEND or WHIPPED foundation. There could be a slight change in the cross over, but it is close. We offer sample sizes that give you an opportunity to check color and texture. Please note that it is enough to do stripe tests on the side of the jaw, plus possibly up to a full application.

How to Choose Your Color: First determine your skin tone level. Select your skin tone:

  • 1 - Fair
  • 2 - Fair to Light
  • 3 - Light to Medium
  • 4 - Medium
  • 5 - Tan
  • 6 - Tan to Deep
  • 7 - Deep

Next, select your undertone: There are two easy ways to determine your Undertone:

Option One:

  • Cool - Veins look blue, skin appears to be pink
  • Neutral - Veins look blue and green. Skin is not too pink or yellow olive
  • Warm - Veins green and skin appears yellowish or olive toned

Option Two:

  • If you look good in SILVER jewelry: You are COOL
  • If you look better in GOLD jewelry: Then you are WARM
  • If you look equally good in GOLD or SILVER jewelry, then you are NEUTRAL

Finally, select a foundation with your coverage preference: Light/Medium/Full

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What are some of the concerns people have regarding this line?

Do Devita products contains parabens? NO never have, never will. We were one of the first companies to put out a paraben free product line. We were pioneers of the paraben-free concept and, in the beginning, it caused the company to grow slowly as various distribution channels were reluctant to take the risk of not having traditional preservative poisons in the products. We started to realize as more information became available, that we had created a process that would cause others to change their ways as well. We see many companies now changing their formulas to exclude parabens, but we have always known that parabens were not our friends! Parabens are not the only things we do not choose to include. We are always free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, etc.

What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian? Vegetarian is a blanket term used to describe a person who does not consume animal flesh foods – meat, poultry, fish, or seafood. It generally implies someone who has less dietary restrictions than a vegan. Vegetarians can consume eggs, dairy products and honey/beeswax from the bees (insects) etc… Vegan is the strictest extreme sub-category of vegetarians. Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products. Some go as far as not even consuming honey/beeswax from bees (insects) or yeast, while some are classified as Honey-Vegans for whom the gift of honey/beeswax is humbly accepted and appreciated for its amazing health giving and performance properties. Still others do not wear any clothing, or use furniture etc made from animal products. It is a multi-sided issue to be sure, with many different passionately held opinions. Honey-Vegan vs Non-Honey Vegan etc is an old debate, and one that will likely continue forever with both sides claiming they are “right”, when really it is simply a right to choose. The DeVita Skin Care line is 100% “vegan extreme” and does not contain any animal or bee insect by-products. Our absolute minerals color cosmetics line is nearly 100% “vegan extreme”; except for two products – absolute LIPS and absolute LENGTHS – which both contain small amounts of necessary natural beeswax (preferable to the use of chemicals in synthetic beeswax). We have chosen to label those two products as vegetarian; however, DeVita still remains 100% animal free in both our lines..

Is Devita Gluten Free? DeVita is considered a Gluten Sensitive Safe product line, as we use only the pure, non-synthetically extracted Vitamin E, Wheat amino acids etc. What has to be understood is that this chemistry is very precise. The gluten is isolated first and only the pure Vitamin E is extracted. The vitamin and the gluten come from two different parts of the whole. We never use whole Wheat Germ Oil in any of our formulas; we use only the pure, non-synthetically extracted Vitamin E and everything we work with is at the amino acid level. Because of this we are considered a Gluten Sensitive Safe line. Of course, as with any new product, customers should always do a patch test first to see if there is a compatibility issue. We never expect anyone to have a problem, but everyone’s skin is special, and although DeVita is designed to cater to those with skin sensitivity issues, it is always best to be safe as your skin is just like your finger prints, particular only to you.


For Gluten Sensitive People, Vegan, Free of Nano-Minerals, Free of Bismuth oxychloride, Talc, Lead and Parabens

All of their packaging for this product is 100% Recyclable or Recycled

Expiration is 24 Months from Opening Product.

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