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Our Story:

By Liu,Yingchun, founder of Suncoat products:

"Back in 2001, when my then seven-year old little girl first showed interest in nail polish, I took a long, hard look at the ingredients in conventional nail polish, and was horrified to find toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde releasing ingredients, acetates, phthalate, alcohol etc. As a chemist, I knew how much potential damage these toxic chemicals could do to my innocent little girl.

So I went out to retail stores, searching for a water-based, nontoxic nail polish for my daughter. Much to my surprise however, I failed to find anything at all. There was virtually no water-based nail polish on the market.

I had no choice but to develop a water-based nail polish myself. At that point, I began dreaming of introducing a line of non-toxic, environmentally friendly nail polish products to the market for other women and young girls to enjoy.

Although I have worked as a research chemist for many years, only after I started working on water-based nail polish had I realized how difficult it was to formulate a quick drying, long-lasting water-base nail polish. The current formulation for manufacturing Suncoat water-based nail polish is the result of numerous long days in the lab, many sleepless nights in the office, in the library..."


Founded by research chemist Liu,Yingchun in 2001, Suncoat Products Inc. is a Canadian research and manufacturing company specializing in natural, earth-friendly cosmetics and personal care products.

Best known for its expertise in water-based nail polish technology, Suncoat Products offers a complete line of water-based nail polish products as well as natural organic colour cosmetics. Standing out as the only long lasting and quick-drying water-based nail polish in today's market place, Suncoat water-based nail polish is formulated based on an innovative technology which Suncoat Products Inc. invented (currently patent-pending) . Suncoat water-based nail polish is now being distributed through natural health food retailers across Canada.

Today, Suncoat Products Inc, has established its position as the only water-based nail polish manufacturer in Canada. Suncoat water-based nail polish has been used by many women as a natural alternative to the toxic chemical, solvent based conventional nail polish.

Suncoat Products Inc. also provides natural nail polish remover, organic eye shadows, organic mascara, organic blush and organic lip shimmers. Go to the Products section for more details.

Innovation and technology has been the backbone for Suncoat's growth and we will continue to develop new and innovative natural products for you, the informed consumer.


Ying (Liu,Yingchun) graduated from Nanjing University in Nanjing , China , with a BSc degree in polymer chemistry. Worked in Beijing as an industrial research chemist for 5 years, involved in new product development and technical service etc.

She then went to University of Calgary in Canada , and obtained her Master degree in organic chemistry in 1992. She was also a PhD candidate in organic chemistry/ biochemistry at University of Waterloo during 1993-1995. Before starting her own business in 2001, Ying had worked as a research chemist for more than 10 years, in the areas of environmentally friendly coatings and water-based resins.

Ying's last job was a Senior Coatings Chemist with a leading Canadian coating company in Port Hope, Ontario , Canada . Ying finished her corporate career in 2001 with 2-patented technologies in water-based resins and water-based coatings.

The Suncoat water-based nail polish patent (currently pending) is Ying's 3rd major invention.

National Research Council of Canada:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank National Research Council of Canada for their faith and financial support in our water-based nail polish project.

Suncoat Products Inc. is committed to providing consumers the following assurances:

Use natural ingredients whenever possible
Use renewable resources whenever possible.
Use natural colorants, such as earth pigments, for coloring, not FD&C dyes
Use natural preservatives whenever possible. All products are paraben-free
No animal testing involved
Register all products with Health Canada
Have the ingredients in every product reviewed by the Canadian government

National Research Council of Canada

We would like to take this opportunity to thank The National Research Council of Canada for their faith and financial support in our water-based nail polish project.


Statements and recommendations on this site are based on tests and data, which we believe to be reliable, but their accuracy is not guaranteed and no warranty of any kind is made.
Please do a small skin / nail patch test before wide spread use of our products. Consult your health care provider for further advice.

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Samples are approximately 1/8th Teaspoon size packaged in a mini zip lock baggie or small polycon recyclable jar.  Some samples may be smaller.  They are designed for one or more uses depending upon the product.  They are not made for reselling. They are made for individual use. These are not produced by the manufacturer, but only through Natural Solutions.  The size and price were determined by the largest size container the manufacturer has available and evenly proportioned.  Please read our policies under Customer Service Desk as not all items are returnable.  Every person's skin is unique, and as with all cosmetics we recommend that a person apply a small amount of the product to the inner wrist for 1-2 days before applying elsewhere to ensure comfort and compatibility.  We encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens.