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Devita Prime Corrective | Natural Make Up Primers, Silicone free Makeup, Pore Reducing Cosmetics, Bare Minerals
Devita Prime Corrective Clear Violet 30gm
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To have a great finish you must have a great start — So start smart with Devita Prime Corrective™ featuring the most technologically advanced Diamond Core Powder soft-focus complex. DeVita Prime Corrective™ with D.C.P. neutralizes imperfections without colored pigments.

Vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Sensitive/Safe as per the Mayo Clinic’s stringent guidelines
100 Percent Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm | Anti-Aging Eye Treatments, 100% Pure Products, Gluten Free Skin Care
100 Percent Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm
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Our Price: $35.00


For mature skin types. Recommended for treating and correcting skin to aggressively reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and to increase skin firmness for more healthy glowing skin around the delicate eye area.

Gluten-Free Skincare, Vegan, 100% Natural
Beauty Wise Cosmetics Eye Defining Liner | All Natural Cosmetic, Natural Make Up, Mineral Cosmetics
Beauty Wise Cosmetics Eye Defining Liner
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Our Price: $11.50


These eye defining pencils are the newest product from Beauty Wise Cosmetics. They are free of carmine, lakes, dyes, and "hidden" synthetics.

Never Tested On Animals, Non Hydrogenated, Gluten Free, Nano-Free

Best Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Solutions Holistic Beauty, Body & Bath is dedicated to helping women look their best without using harmful beauty products. Standard beauty, body and bath products contain chemicals that have the potential to cause harm over time. We believe that women should not feel pressured to expose themselves to these chemicals in the name of beauty and confidence.

Certified Organic Skin Care

Our natural, organic beauty products include vegan and gluten-free options to fit in with the unique lifestyles of our customers. Customers who want to try to a new hair color may be turned off by the long list of artificial ingredients in commercially-available coloring kits, but we offer a natural solution to this problem.

We offer a full range of convenient payment options to make it easier for shoppers to get the natural beauty products that they need to feel confident. Natural Solutions carries a full range of healthy skin care products, all in one online shop so you can purchase all the organic spa products your beauty routine requires.