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Natural Solutions provides cosmetics without synthetic perfumes, dyes, synthetic preservatives and fillers; Natural & organic skin, body & haircare to support a healthy lifestyle and organic living.

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Natural & organic beauty products for families seeking a healthy lifestyle. Safer hair color & nail care. Trusted Brands to BeWellStayWell

SanoTint Classic Natural Ash Brown Hair Dye | Ammonia Free Hair Dyes, Safer Hair Dyes, Permanent Hair Colors, Cover the Gray Hair Dye, Home Hair Colour Kits SanoTint 'Classic' Natural Hair Dye Ash Brown 07

Ash Brown 07 a warm brown shade which is best used on natural brown to very light blonde. It is a safer choice for Do It Yourself Hair Colours. Rich in plant extracts, Silica and Golden Millet Extract, this permanent hair dye gives body and shine to your hair.

Least levels of PPD on market, Ammonia Free, Paraben Free, PEG Free, Metal Free, Paraffin Free, Silicone Free, Formaldehyde Free

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List Price: $20.99
Our Price: $18.60
Organic Excellence Wild Mint Shampoo | All Natural Haircare, Gluten Free Hair Shampoo, Natural Scalp Cleansers Organic Excellence Wild Mint Shampoo

Safe for the entire family and for those with chemical sensitivities, Wild Mint Shampoo is a luxurious hair therapy, free of the harsh chemicals Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate found in most shampoos

No Synthetic Preservatives, Fillers and Fragrances; Uses Organic Ingredients, GMO Free, Recyclable Container; Corn Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Sulfite Free, No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Cocomide Beteine, Jojoba Oil Free

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Our Price: $16.98

Devita 17% Tropical Vitamin C Accelerator | All Natural Skincare, Vitamin C Skin Repair, All Natural Antiaging Products Devita LUXE C17 SERUM .44oz

Let the C-Shine In! With DeVita-C 17% topical Vitamin C serum! Each day you are exposed to air pollution, sunlight, smoke and more, all of which can create free radicals which can cause chemical reactions, leaving your skin looking aged.

DeVita skin care products are 100 percent Vegan and Paraben Free. They are considered Gluten Sensitive Safe and never contain GMO's. DeVita products are never tested on animals (only humans!)

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Our Price: $42.95
Real Purity Vitamin E Lip Balm | Natural Make Up, Organic Cosmetics, Gluten Free Beauty Products Real Purity Vitamin E Lip Balm

Soothe the lips and induce a calming sensation with Real Purity's Vitamin E Lip Balm, filled with anti-aging nutrients

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Jojoba Oil Free, Aloe Vera Free, All Natural

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Our Price: $15.00


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Natural Solutions is dedicated to helping you look your best without using harmful beauty products that have the potential to cause harm over time.