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Natural Solutions provides cosmetics without synthetic perfumes, dyes, synthetic preservatives and fillers; Natural & organic skin, body & haircare to support a healthy lifestyle and organic living.

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Natural & organic beauty products for families seeking a healthy lifestyle. Safer hair color & nail care. Trusted Brands to BeWellStayWell

Logona Herbal Henna Chocolate Hair Color | All Natural Hair Color, Henna Hair Color Kits, Vegetable Hair Color Logona All Natural Herbal Henna Chocolate Hair Color 3.5oz

The chocolate brown shade is especially suitable for light blonde to dark brown hair. It should not be used to color gray, unless mixed with a red-based color. It creates healthy, glossy hair colored to a fresh and lively shade.

BDIH Certified Natural, Vegan, Dye Free, PPD Free, All Natural

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Morrocco Method Pearl Essence Creme Rinse | Gluten Free Hair Products, Natural Hair Care, Fair Trade Haircare, Conditioners, Leave In Conditioners Morrocco Method Pearl Essence Creme Rinse

Pearl Essence Creme Rinse is formulated to naturally soften hair for easier detangling; Supply maximum hydration with rich, conditioning ingredients, such as shea butter, patchouli and lavender; Repair split ends, reduce breakeage and increase manageability; Coat strands in protective layer of aloe vera.

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten free, Animal cruelty free, Fair trade, Not Tested On Animals, Recycled Containers

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Anti-Aging Evening Rich Moisture Cream | shop peptide cream, Antiaging Treatments, Wrinkle cream Retinol Devita Evening Rich Moisture Cream (New Formula)

An ultra-rich, long-lasting moisturizer fortified with retinol, peptides and cactus flower extract for rested, youthful-looking skin.

Parabens Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No Animal products or by-products, No Synthetic fragrances, No artificial colors, or Nanotechnology, Certified PETA, Vegan

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No Titanium and Mica Lengthening All Natural Black Mascara | All Natural Make Up, Vegan Living, Gluten Free Living Rejuva Minerals Thickening & Lengthening Midnight Mascara 7ml

Mega Lash will help thicken and lengthen lashes. Made with naturally derived and organic ingredients. This formula was developed to resist water, but is not waterproof. Great for allergy sufferers.

Vegan, Paraben, Soy, Gluten and GMO free, Titanium Dioxide, Nano and Mica Free, EWG VERIFIED™ and MADE SAFE™ Certified

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Natural Solutions is dedicated to helping you look your best without using harmful beauty products that have the potential to cause harm over time.