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Natural Solutions provides cosmetics without synthetic perfumes, dyes, synthetic preservatives and fillers; Natural & organic skin, body & haircare to support a healthy lifestyle and organic living.

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Natural & organic beauty products for families seeking a healthy lifestyle. Safer hair color & nail care. Trusted Brands to BeWellStayWell

Earths Beauty Mascara | Natural Mineral Color Mascaras, jojoba free mascara, Conditioning Mascara, Gluten Free Eye Care Earths Beauty All Natural Holistic Mascara

This mascara with organic beeswax builds thick, luscious lashes without lab-created chemicals! Comes in 2 sizes, 2 shades.

Carmine Free, Essential Oil Free

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Our Price: $15.95

Logona Herbal Henna Flame Red Hair Color | All Natural Hair Color, Henna Hair Color Kits, Vegetable Hair Color Logona All Natural Herbal Henna Flame Red Hair Color 3.5oz

Flame Red produces a brilliant, fiery red on light blonde to medium blonde hair. It creates healthy, glossy hair colored to a fresh and lively shade.

BDIH Certified Natural, Vegan, Dye Free, PPD Free, All Natural

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Our Price: $16.50
Real Purity Carmine Free Cosmetic Blush | Nano-free MakeUp, Organic Cosmetics, Natural Beauty Products Real Purity Gluten-Free Cosmetic Compact Blush

This is a soft, simple line of blush. Naturally looking colors coordinate with a full line of lipsticks. Black Compact.

Carmine Free, Nano-Free, Paraben-free, Mineral Oil Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Metal Free, Never Tested On Animals

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Our Price: $15.00

Simplee Wonderful Vaginal Moisturizer Gel | All Natural Vaginal Lubricant, Natural Hormone Replacements, Natural Vaginal Moisturizer Gels Simplee Wonderful Vaginal Moisturizer Gel 1.7oz

Vaginal dryness can easily be relieved with the regular use of Simplee Wonderful Gel with Vitamin E. Simplee Wonderful Gel has a natural glycerin base which feels like your body's own natural lubricant. Simplee Wonderful Gel is pH balanced and Vitamin E is added for extra effectiveness.

No Mineral Oil, Cruelty-Free, All Natural Plant Derived Ingredients, Alcohol Free

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Our Price: $10.95


About Our Company

Natural Solutions is dedicated to helping you look your best without using harmful beauty products that have the potential to cause harm over time.