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Fall 2013 Hair Styles

If you love to watch the celebs on the red carpet, take notice of this years fall hair style trends for 2013. What I love is how natural and unrestricted they are.  If you love social network sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Google+, you'll also see the most trending hair styles by how many shares or likes they have. I think this is almost a bigger gauge than what fashion guru's are sharing as it's not just their opinion but the opinion of millions of people.

So with the help of our associates over at Organic Color Systems (we offer their Tints of Nature hair color products on our website here), we've go the top 2013 Fall Hair Trends for this season below:

#1 Loose Waves

Loose, polished waves are in! Smooth and silky shapes that nestle the face worn up or down are perfect for this fall. To achieve the small, medium and large beach-y curls, take sections of the hair and spray with a protective heat protective product, then take a round barrel hot curling iron to the area for a few moments, watching that you don't leave it on the barrel to long. Release the hair and go to the next section. Spray each section with a finish spray such as Real Purity's Sensitive Hair Spray or Beauty Wise Hair Spray. Finger thru the hair once the hair has been curled.

#2 Texturized Bobs

Although fall is perfect long hair weather, not everyone will opt to keep their locks long.  In come the texturized bobs!  This adorable fall haircut is low maintenance and is complemented by your fall ombre color palette.  Celebs that know how to rock the messy bob are Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lawrence, and ScarJo. Not sure if a bob is for you? If your a woman with a round face you may want to consider this hair style. Keep it cut an inch or two below the chin to alongate your face and keeping your hair longer draws the eyes downward. The classic bob may not work for you because it can give the helmet head appearance. Go for the long bob which is more flattering. If you have a long face, you can create the allusion of width by getting a chin-length bob or shag cut that hits at the chin or in the middle place in between the chin and shoulders. Make sure when you have your hair cut you point out your features so your stylist can give you the right bob cut!

#3 Sleek & Straight!

Had a hard time wearing sleek and straight hair this summer? Thanks to humidity it make it hard. But now that the season is turning, go ahead and wear sleek, straight hair that lasts all day and radiates shine and health!  Use a straightening protective spray before using a straightening iron for sure, and consider a mineral oil free hair serum to lock it in. We offer Morrocco Method Euro Oil, and even the Max Green Alchemy Texture Pastes or Pomade. Do a dash of hair spray to set it.

P.S. For a super sophisticated look, pair those polished strands with a deep side or middle part!

#4 Break Out The Bangs!

Bangs are hot this season. In fact, all summer long women were wearing them straight across or to the side.  Bangs are always a great addition to any fall or winter style! I love how bangs can give a boring cut edge. I love the look of uneven bangs myself. It softens the face and can make a person more youthful looking. What is the best bang for your bucks?

Depending on your features and preferences, be sure to get the right type of fringe! Wispy or bold bangs can be the difference between a cut you love or hate! And those with curly hair may want to avoid a short bang because it will  pouf up on you. Keep in mind that if your not a maintenance girl, bangs may not be right for you s well.  Your goal is to make your long or round or square or heart-shaped face appear as oval as possible. Product suggestions: get a de-frizzing smoothing serum. We refer people to Giovanni and Max Green Alchemy.

#6 Braids!

Braids have been a constant throughout the centuries. Looking into the days of black and white tv, Momma Walton braided her hair every night before bed. Today there are as many types of braids as there are colors on the color wheel. Braids can reflect romance, classic girlish, or even punk.  This 2013 Fall season is the season for perfect waterfall braids or even a fishtail! If you need inspirations, look at the run way.

Who is wearing Braided styles? Consider fashion tabloids, celebrities and who's who. Braided styles that are able to be worn with long (or short) hair will be much sought after this fall by all. Women with short hair are weaving in long hair to make braids. Women of color have been doing this for decades.

We hope you found our Fall/Winter 2013 hair trend lookbook to be both informative and inspiring! Are there any popular hair trends for fall that we missed? SHARE it with us on our facebook page at: