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Morrocco Method Q&A

Does Morrocco Method Shampoo Suds?

Not really. There is a slight sud from the Apple Cider blend, but generally no sud will occur. These are NON surfactant (detergent) shampoo formulas. That means no chemical sudzing agent like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or other low sudzing ingredient like Cocomide Betaine.

How Do You Wash Your Hair with Morrocco Method Shampoo?

You will want to completely soak your hair. Begin by applying a small to moderate amount on your hair. Work it in well. Rinse and Repeat.

What does Morrocco Method use to dissolve the crystals to make the diamond crystal mist?

Anthony uses only the sun to dissolve the crystals. It’s a shamanic procedure and involves the 13 moon lunar cycle. There is NO substance that dissolves the crystals.

What are the “trace minerals” in your Morrocco Method shampoos? I get paranoid when ingredients are lumped together in a phrase like “92 trace minerals”?

They do not disclose trade secrets but all are trace minerals and quite natural and wild crafted organic.

What is the “natural preservative”, and could it be harmful to my scalp since I am experiencing this loss off hair?

We use apple cider vinegar and bottle during the lunar cycles according to ancient traditions

How often should I rotate between the Morrocco Method shampoos? Every shower use a different one? I wash my hair in the shower every other to every 3rd day."

Alternate one shampoo each time: if one uses a product the body will build immunity against it. Again we are 5 elements and rotate all of our products for full benefits and results.

Will the Morrocco Method conditioners and mists leave scalp buildup that might negate the beneficial effects of the shampoos? Again I’m concerned about my thinning/hair loss…."

MM hair care are designed for hair loss and thinning we are specialists for hair loss and have thousands of clients rebuilding their scalps and producing new Hair follicles naturally and simply pure. There is no build up on any products and we are detoxing for all of our hair care.

How do you go about choosing the right shampoo from your selection?

While there are no hard and fast rules for shampooing your hair, one thing is certain: proper scalp hygiene is as critical to luxurious hair as oral hygiene is to healthy teeth. Your scalp is like the soil in a garden. If kept clean, uncontaminated and nourished with nutrients for proper blood circulation, the hair growing in it will flourish and thrive.

First and foremost is the matter of choosing shampoos that satisfy all these requirements: highest quality natural ingredients, totally organic, non-detergent and containing no artificial colors or scents. Many commercial shampoos on the market—even those claiming to be “natural”— contain artificial colors, perfumes and detergents that dry and damage hair, clogging follicle openings rather than cleansing your scalp.

Detergents and color additives leave harmful coatings on the hair. Synthetic scents dry out hair, damaging the shafts by making them overly brittle. The scalp becomes plugged up, disturbing its natural pH balance. Dandruff, itchiness, premature thinning and significant, eventual hair loss are the undesirable results.

In addition to harsh chemicals, shampoos containing such ingredients as berries, tomatoes, guava, etc. are wisely avoided. You need an effective natural shampoo for your hair, not a fruit salad! However enticingly “organic” they may sound, these not-so-naturally derived fruit and vegetable ingredients tend to plug up pores, dry out hair and disturb pH balance, which damages the natural texture of your hair.

Contrary to ‘conventional wisdom,’ it is not necessary to purchase special formulas for dry, normal or oily hair. In fact, these supposedly special-purpose shampoos contain even more harmful, toxic ingredients.

MORROCCO METHOD SHAMPOOS balance your scalp and hair chemistry to eliminate excessive oiliness or extremely dry hair.

When selecting a shampoo, trust your nose! If the shampoo has no synthetic scent and smells wholesome and appealing instead, it is very likely a good shampoo for you. The ‘smell test’ is highly reliable and individualized. Each of us has a different chemical balance that changes with circumstance and age. There is no single shampoo that can be recommended indefinitely for everyone.

Your shampooing regimen should ideally contain three or more organic shampoos that are rotated regularly. Over a period of time, scalp and hair can become resistant/ immune to a single shampoo, upsetting alkaline pH balance. Regularly alternating shampoos helps your hair and scalp stay properly receptive to thorough cleansing and nourishing every time.

MORROCCO METHOD SHAMPOOS are based on the principles of rotation and totally natural methods of caring for your hair. We have developed five shampoos, formulated according to the five elements which constitute, in varying degrees, the essence of every living thing in the universe: Air, Earth, Fire Water and Ether. These Elemental Shampoos contain only the finest organic ingredients derived from all over the world.

MORROCCO METHOD SHAMPOOS (and body wash products) harness the power of nature’s most potent herbs, oils and minerals; they are formulated, blended and bottled according to the 13 Moon Lunar Astrology Cycle to maximize their vitality.

Although all of our shampoos cleanse, detoxify, nourish and stimulate blood flow to hair and scalp, each one delivers a particular treatment:
  • Air Essence nourishes and heals
  • Earth Essence detoxifies
  • Fire Essence stimulates blood flow
  • Sea/ Water Essence cleanses
  • Heavenly Essence energizes and conditions
  • When alternated regularly, these five Elemental Shampoos provide the finest, most effective holistic hair care treatment in the world. We recommend rotating at least two shampoos to prevent your hair and scalp from building tolerance to one

When do you shampoo?

Numerous conflicting views on the subject of shampooing have many people thoroughly confused. While some theories advise shampooing every day, others insist that cleansing daily dries and damages the hair. Fortunately it is not as complicated as it may seem. A simple, common sense rule to follow is: Observe your hair and decide for yourself how often you need to shampoo. For many people, shampooing every other day maintains a healthy balance of scalp and hair.

On the other hand, people whose brushing habits are correct and consistent have often found they can easily extend shampooing to every three or four days. Any of these regimens can be effective for you. As long as your new growth of hair is maintaining its luster, health and vitality, the cleansing schedule you are following is right for you.

How do you shampoo?

At first glance, recommendations that we always lather up twice sound like a gimmick to sell more shampoo. But there is actual value in this advice. Perfect shampooing has two parts: The first is loosening up debris to free the hair and scalp of dirt and dead cells. Since you might massage these unwanted microbes back into follicle openings if you shampooed only once, you are well advised to do a second shampoo. This ensures that no contaminants will retard new hair growth, damage oil glands or upset the natural fall-out and reproductive cycles of your hair. Instead, the bad stuff all goes down the drain!

The second shampooing (with massage of your clean head) also stimulates blood flow to the scalp and opens follicles, allowing nourishment for each root, bulb and hair shaft. When every follicle is adequately nourished and each sebaceous oil gland is properly activated, your own natural oils are distributed to lubricate the entire scalp and all hair shafts. A natural coating of oil is vital to the healthy maintenance of scalp and hair. It keeps the outer layer of hair moisturized and prevents drying.

Step One: Wet your hair and apply shampoo to your scalp. Massage lightly into hair and scalp, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step Two: After rinsing, take a bit more shampoo and massage it gently into clean hair and scalp. Rinse out carefully until no shampoo remains and finish with cool water. Towel dry. Now you are ready to brush and style.

What product would work well to help with dandruff?

Because Diamond Crystal Mist is naturally anti-bacterial, it is highly effective for scalp disorders such as dandruff. Simply spray on and leave in throughout the day or overnight. The beneficial oils penetrate your scalp with natural healing properties, restoring correct pH balance and naturally moisturizing your hair.

I have gray hair, what product would help soften it. My gray hair feels course?

Diamond Crystal Mist has a positive, ‘silkening’ effect on gray and white hair. It re-hydrates to eliminate coarseness and de-yellows hair, restoring pleasing silver and pewter highlights.

I heard that you can use the Diamond Mist for other things. What would they be?

Spray MM Diamond Crystal Mist on a freshly washed face to moisturize and refine your complexion. Do this both morning and night time for added softness and a radiant glow. Those who wear make-up will find that lightly spraying their completed cosmetic application gives a “diamond” finish of dewy perfection. Makeup artists on-set in Hollywood as well as behind-the-scenes of international fashion runways use Diamond Crystal Mist to ensure that their actors and models have that vital camera-ready sparkle…. whether under the brightest red carpet kliegs or special “FX” of light and shadow.

Diamond Crystal Mist is also an excellent daily deodorant, owing to its 100% natural anti-bacterial properties. No worries from aluminum toxicology reports so much in the news lately, or any other questionable ingredient. The Mist is even safe and mild enough to be used with confidence as a feminine hygiene product.

How do I use the Zen Detox?

DO NOT SHAMPOO before or after treatment. Instead, just rinse out.

For best results, use a wooden spoon and wooden or glass bowl for mixing. To one-third of the packet slowly add distilled or spring water until it becomes a creamy lotion consistency. {If you happen to mix more than you need, allow the remainder to dry out. Store at room temperature – never refrigerate – and it will keep indefinitely. Simply add water when ready for your next treatment}.

Enjoy yourself with ZEN DETOX: Prepare a warm, inviting bath with candlelight and meditation music to help you relax! While hair is still DRY, massage ZEN DETOX over scalp and throughout hair. This gentle, holistic product is safe in contact with the skin of your face, neck and hands. But use care around the sensitive area of your eyes because it has an intended drying/drawing effect.

Leave Morrocco Method ZEN DETOX on for 30 to 120 minutes, depending on how you react to its gradual drying effect. When ready to remove, wet your hands and massage DETOX more deeply into your scalp. Lace your fingers through sections of strands as you go, loosening hair and allowing air to uplift the detoxification therapy. Your goal is maximum DETOX penetration into scalp surface and hair follicles.

For the first treatment, leave ZEN DETOX on for 30 to 45 minutes. During your next session try 45 to 60 minutes. On the third treatment, attempt 60 to 120 minutes. As the special formula lifts toxins from your hair and scalp to reach the life-force blood circulating below, your system is relieved of damaging poisons… and, like many other surprised users of ZEN DETOX, you may even notice a pleasant sensation of increased brain clarity!

When time is up, simply submerge your head in bath water or let shower pressure do the rinse as you massage DETOX out of your hair and scalp.

Using ZEN DETOX at night just before bed can be the most relaxing time of your day, sending you into a wonderfully restful sleep.

A single ZEN DETOX package is sufficient for three treatments of average length hair. For longer or thicker hair, use half the package per treatment.

ZEN DETOX spa therapy can be done once weekly in three consecutive treatments. For maximum results repeat once per month. Each treatment beneficially detoxes your hair follicles, scalp and sebaceous glands, with the added plus of clarifying the brain! Holistic MM ZEN DETOX can be used on any hair type, including any of various ethnic textures of hair.

You may opt to sit in the sun as DETOX clays penetrate and purify. The drier your hair is before rinsing the product out, the better!

I have acne and want to know if your products are good for clearing up skin inflammations?

Yes! Earth and Sea Shampoos are excellent facial washes and exfoliants. Being a true natural and pure shampoo they can be used replacing all soaps and body washes.

Which surfactants are good for facial wash/scrubs?

Sea and Earth Shampoos are excellent for everyone to use from basic facial scrubs to daily washing. As both of these shampoos are gentle yet excellent with many rare trace minerals - high quality earth clays and sea life. One needs to use warm water lather up and scrub the surface of the skin ... these deep penetrating herbs, botanicals, rare trace minerals and high quality organic ingredients have a healing and pure cleansing quality. While deep penetration is reached one will not have natural bacteria destroyed which is so essential in daily safe guarding of one's immune system. Harsh products kill off natural bacteria and cause flare ups and damage to ones delicate cell life.

Are any of these shampoos good for pets?

Yes, we have clients all over the world who shampoo their pets and animals with all 4 shampoos. While many products claim to be natural and pure for animals, it is quite amazing how many chemicals are in your pets' cleansing agents. Please read labels. SLS is dominant in almost all pet cleansers. We have testimonials from across the globe from many happy customers just like you, using our shampoos on their horses, dogs, cats, and other animals.

Are your shampoos color-safe?

All our Morrocco Method products are 100% color-safe — all our shampoos and conditioners, styling gel, and our detoxifying scalp and hair therapy!

Which shampoos are good to remove make-up?

We get e-mail from women all over the world who use the Sea and Earth Shampoos for removing make-up and exfoliants. Both of these shampoos work wonders on the skin leaving you radiant!

Which shampoos are good for general hand wash?

All four shampoos are excellent for daily hand washing and will not dry nor wrinkle skin. Alternate and see how gentle natural soaps really are on one's hands.

What is the difference between shale and tar?

Coal tar is a petroleum product and very damaging to one's all around good health not to be used on the body, while shale is a rich natural deposit of decomposed trees. Millions of years ago, large forests of ferns and evergreens decomposed and formed large reservoirs underneath the earth surface of very rich shale. We get our shale from Germany in a natural state which is rich in various rare trace minerals. These trace minerals are healing in varying degrees for the scalp and hair alike. This is a cure all for a multitude of scalp problems, plus a general radiant effect on the hair itself giving it new life force and brilliance. There is no comparison between tar and shale. And one should avoid all products with tar/coal tar in its ingredients.

Lunar Chart & Hair Care

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