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Do you want well-kept hands that are neat, clean and healthy? How do you achieve this? Here are a few tips & trends that will keep your hands looking great.

Consider the following ways will really assist you in keeping healthy hands and fingernails:

1) Having plenty of water to drink daily will hydrate the body which includes the hands and nails. Along with water, consider eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  A healthy diet rich in calcium and protein can help promote strong nails. Foods high in biotin and vitamin E are also essential for healthy nails and hair. Increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake through drinking milk, soy milk or almond milk is also of great value.  Juicing and including foods such as whole grain, berries, dark green vegetables and citrus fruits will help the nails to have strength and flexibility.

2) Develop good habits to keep well-kept hands and healthy nails as well. We recommend a good quality hand cream or body lotion which you can use after washing your hands or bathing. Soap can make nails dry and brittle, so replenish what your skin loses daily.  Having dry hands can lead to dry cuticles. This maximizes harm to the cuticle bed. So use a cuticle oil or cream every day to prevent hang nails. Some habits to break are biting your nails, cutting the cuticles with nail cutters or teeth, trimming nails after taking a shower or bath, and using tobacco products. Breaking these bad habits will help you have well-kept hands and nails.

3) Protecting and hydrating the skin and nails is essential for well-maintained hands and nails. We recommend wearing a nail polish and if you don't want a color, consider a base coat or clear top coat.  Avoid using polish that contains dibutyl phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde. Avoid soaking your nails for long periods or in any high alkaline content. This can cause the nails to peel or chip. Avoid harsh chemicals like detergents as well and opt for wearing rubber gloves while working with them.

Healthy nails look smooth without grooves or ridges, and they are uniform in color, not discolored. They are light pink and the nail is strong yet flexible.  If your nails do not look like this, consider speaking to a professional as it could indicate a health issue you aren't aware of.

We will consider further questions and trends as we write our article. Make sure you come back for our updates to come!