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Here are our selections for Skin Facial Pigmentation Products. The best way to prevent some forms of pigmentation is to avoid to much sun exposure. Always wear SPF15 or higher when out as well. Wear a hat, sunglasses and during certain parts of the day, it may be best to wear a long sleeved shirt. 80 percent of our sun exposure comes before we are 18 years of age, so parents should be mindful of their children during outside activities. Seek shade between 10am and 4pm. If you see any growth, mole, sore, or skin discoloration appearing suddenly or it changes appearances in shape, size and color, consult a dermatologist immediately

Samples are approximately 1/8th Teaspoon to 1/6oz packaged in a recyclable jar. These are not produced by the manufacturer, but only through Natural Solutions. The size and price were determined by the largest size container the manufacturer has available and evenly proportioned. Every person's skin is unique, and as with all cosmetics we recommend that a person apply a small amount of the product to the inner wrist for 1-2 days before applying elsewhere to ensure comfort and compatibility. We encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens. Please read our policies under Customer Service Desk as not all items are returnable.