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Come visit us here at Natural Solutions! Natural Solutions opened a retail location in 2006 for local customers to shop off line. Located in the heart of Columbiana County, Natural Solutions has been operating in downtown, Salem, Ohio and receiving good reviews. Locals say that Natural Solutions is a warm place to shop where they meet friendly sales staff that treat them well. Come meet our staff yourself.

Customers whether ordering online or walking in our front door, appreciate that we can look up their preferences, favorites and repeat buying habits. Samples are just as important to local customers as they are to those online. Natural Solutions offers free consultations and basic application services to help assist customers find the perfect products. Since 2012, Natural Solutions has been operating a holistic beauty salon as well. Services are geared to the health of clients and staff. Natural Solutions is able to offer local clients hair color and perm services made without ammonia based ingredients, as well as having low to NO PPD. Along with this, we have an organic perming system, plus Nail services geared to be less toxic such as our Zoya Manicures and Dazzle Dry mineral based polish. Zoya nail enamels are sold online and are free of the top 10 toxic ingredients common to nail polishes. Of course, we have adapted many services into all natural versions and can accommodate a wide range of clients including those referred to us by their oncologists and chiropractors.

Customers can now visit us at Natural Solutions for services like manicures, pedicures, brow waxing and shaping, hair cuts and styling, haircolor and lightening, smoothing and perming services. We use the brands we offer online and then some. All products of course meet our holistic beauty standards. Call us for an appointment at 330-337-0703 if your wanting to schedule an appointment.

Customers can also go to our holistic beauty salon website at www.natural-solutions.net and receive local news and discounts thru the weekly newsletter, or visit our social pages below:





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Local customers or customers who have family or friends they wish to purchase a gift certificate for to use at our salon located at 465 E State Street, Salem Ohio can now purchase gift certificates directly from our salon calendar.

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For questions, or to call in your appointment for off menu services, please call Monday 9:30-7pm, Wed Fri Sat 9:30-5pm EST at 330-337-0703 or 877-232-5359.