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All Natural Ideas as well as Safer Chemical Treatments

So many call us and ask us what they can do if the color they applied goes darker. There are many great ideas we have come up with. Many people just want to lighten their existing hair without chemicals. Can you really lighten your hair with all natural products? How successful are they? Lets consider this now....

Lightening Hair With All Natural Ingredients

Recently I learned about the special properties of the all natural ingredient, Honey. Honey has been known for healing and moisturizing. But honey also has a lightening property. It can release a natural peroxide which of course lightens hair.  How can you use Honey to lighten hair? How dark can your hair be to have it work successfully? How light can the process be? What method is best?

The best method of using Honey to lighten your hair is to take equal parts of warm honey and combine it with your all natural conditioner. Mix well.  Wash your hair and apply it to the entire hair that you'd like to lighten. Some people will lighten just an area like the crown, while others can lighten it at the ends, and drag it down the hair like an ombre. Once applied, cover the hair with a shower cap, processing cap or a plastic bag then put a towel on the head after. This will keep the process warm. Leave it on even over night if you prefer. I believe in doing it for an hour first, and you can always do it again to get it lighter rather than leaving it on so long and it become to light.  Wash out of the hair and blow dry after you have processed. You should see the hair lighter.

What if you have darker hair? Will it still work? It should. This method can bring the color down one shade, but if your looking to bring it down to a platinum, I'd consider a different method. This is an all natural method, so the effects are gentle and can be progressive to a point. It certainly will work if your hair dye made your hair a little to dark.

Lightening the hair with safer hair lighteners

What if you need it lightened more than this? What other options do you have? We'll, consider a safer hair lightening product such as SanoTint Hair Lightening Kit. This product is generally meant to take a hair color and lighten it down to the degree you'd like if the exact shade you want is not available. But I found another use for it. Have you heard of the Soap Cap Method? A soap cap is used to remove unwanted color quickly. It could be that you used a color last and it went darker because your hair is porous. Or maybe you had used a cheap oxidizing color last so your hair needs balanced. There are a couple ways to do this. Consider these:

1) Mix 1oz of shampoo, 1oz of 10 or 20 volume developer (Call us to purchase just the bottle), and a little (1 scoop) bleach powder (which is in the Sanotint Hair Lightening Kit) all together in a bowl. Apply to wet hair, starting at the ends (of over colored hair) Check it after 2 minutes and then run the remaining thru almost to the root area. Apply a processing cap and wait, checking each minute as you only want to lift one to two levels (maybe up to 5 minutes) then rinse. If you want to leave it on longer, you can, but your running the risk of going to light.

2) What if your doing a color correction? You'd especially not want to lighten to much as you are intending to re-deposit tone and level back into the hair evenly. Your going to mix 2 pumps of an acid based conditioner (a good citrus works great), 1 pump of shampoo (together that's about 1oz of product), 1 scoop of chemical lightener (bleach such as the SanoTint Lightener) and a 1oz of 10 or 20 volume developer (maybe you have the SanoTint or Tints of Nature Hair Color Kit you want to use next with you, you can use that). FIRST wet down the hair, starting at the ends of the overly colored hair, add the mixture from your bowl and wait one minute, then proceed to cover the root area. Since this process goes quick, watch carefully in a mirror so you only lift about one level, then rinse. Once you finish the process and re-color the hair, rinse well. Do not shampoo the hair for 2 days to allow the color to settle.

In the above process, there are two types of methods of mixing a soap cap. One does not contain conditioner while the other does. What is the benefits of using the conditioner?

There are many reasons that using the conditioner is beneficial. First, adding the conditioner helps to maintain the integrity of the hair due to the bleaching effects. Also wetting the hair prior to adding the chemical helps to spread it around better with less missed areas. As for the scalp, it's more gentle and protective with adding conditioner to the mix. You probably have heard that 'there are many paths to the same place', so maybe you'll like this option.

What if my hair is long? The formulation I gave above is for shoulder length to shorter hair, so if you have longer hair, then double the amount.

Doing a self done color correction this way is possible, and if you go online to youtube.com, you can put in a search for watching how it's done. Our customers want the right products however to do it. We are confident that if you use the SanoTint or Tints of Nature Hair Lightener products and color, and any of our all natural shampoo and conditioner products to do this, you will find it an enjoyable and fun experience. I love experimenting. It makes me happy to get a compliment about my hair when I succeed in doing something new and exciting. Let me know how things are for you by commenting on our professional facebook page.