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Now I've heard it all: "How do you know what caused you to get sick?" "How can you avoid everything?" "Don't you think you are just reading things into it?" "You used to wear "this makeup" and now your telling me that its making you sick?!" I'm sure many of you can relate to this. My mother says that from my very first bath in the hospital, I was a rash. I had to have special laundry soap, personal care and you name it. Even my clothes would irritate me. I grew up with constant bronchial problems and she has always thought 'what did I do while I was pregnant with her?" Now I'm not holding my mother responsible for anything. She has always been a great mother to me. But I'm sure she thought that as I grew up, my sensitivities would calm down. When I began wearing makeup however, I noticed that my eyes burned a lot, and my skin would get scaly dry patches. At that time, I also began having more chores at home, and one that I just hated was the dishes. There was always a pile of them with two brothers in the house that had to drink from a new cup every time they were thirsty! She tried all types of dish soap, but they all made me itch and get terrible sores down my forearm to my elbows. The smell nearly killed me. She loved those candles too - as everybody did. We also had animals in the home, and that deodorizing powder was like scratching the inside of my nose with a scouring pad! The weekend cleaning wasn't as welcoming either. I know, what child would look forward to that, but using those powerful cleaning agents made me sick to my stomach and gave me bad headaches. I learned to deal with these things though with no thought to chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, etc.

As an adult and mother of two, you begin to settle into your life and dream those dreams every woman dares to have! BAMM! I saw gray hair on my head. Gray hair was not in my dream for a long time. At thirty years of age, I went into the salon and did what so many millions do, and had my hair colored. This trip to the salon was special because I had used a box color from my grocery store previously, and it didn't turn out right. So now I was going to fix it and be beautiful!!!! Wrong. Before I tell you what happened, I'll also add that I was given some furniture that needed refinished, and so I had just refinished four pieces of furniture in our open garage.

Now that my hair was one shade again, I began noticing that I was itching and burning on my scalp. It would happen in patches. From each patch, I'd lose hair and get these awful sores/scabs. It was so apparent, that when I went back to get my hair trimmed, the stylist had to mention the thinning. I was also very fatigued, as it was keeping me from any restful sleep. Shampoos I had used for years suddenly burned me. I had had a very busy business as well during that time, and my memory and temperament noticeably changed, for the worse I might add. My cycles were more irregular than ever before. I had pain that made me feel I was just going to die - and my mother got used to coming over in the middle of the night to wait it out! Finally, I went to my GYN, and he had the nerve to say to me 'What did you do?!" Most doctors I think wouldn't have actually asked such a question. This doctor actually wanted to know what I had done differently in the last months. So I told him what I did and he said that these activities could have messed up my hormones - STOP doing them.

He didn't have much more to add, so now I wanted to know what was in the products I've used that could cause such a problem. My own research led me to conclude that we are killing ourselves with chemicals. Our foods are no longer cooked from scratch. Do you know how to make spaghetti sauce? What about breads? What about the basic macaroni and cheese? Society has decided that engineered food is better than home grown. "BUY IT IN A BOX OR JAR!" 10 minute or less meals - on wheels, your wheels. We don't stay home enough to cook anything that has nutrition these days. Our personal care can stay under your counter for 3 years!!! before going bad. What have we thought was making that possible? Chemicals!!! So you think your hair has to have suds to be clean? Who made that law? So we are a generation that has to shellac our lipstick on now?

If allowed, man could truly increase their lifespan by making us into PLASTIC! We are becoming living lab experiments, just as preserved as those that we dissected in biology class. I can still smell it!

I've learned that the preservatives that are commonly used in personal care products are considered food grade. Companies boast of using only 2% or less in their formulas so they can have piece of mind that you won't get dermatitis from their product and you won't get to much of the preservative. These preservatives have been registered as safe for consumers, non-toxic. A notable consumer advocate, Linda Chae, once told the magazine, "NEW TEXAS" in May of 1998, "that safe and non-toxic means that only 50% of the laboratory rats died. If over 50% died, then it was considered toxic and they couldn't sell it." Now she felt that it was her responsibility to learn and understand everything about every ingredient. I share that zeal, and here at Natural Solutions, I try to learn and understand everything about our products, and I'm still learning.

Yes, after exhausting myself trying to find something to wash my hair with, I found satisfaction in the thought that I wasn't going crazy because I was reading things into it. I finally knew why I couldn't just wear any makeup, or just suddenly developed an allergy to it. Now I knew why I couldn't handle fragrances and dish soap. I knew that just telling others was not enough for me either, but I had to be part of the solution - find and offer trusted brands. This site is dedicated to all those who have walked in my shoes, and who are still overcoming unbelievable odds to just enjoy life again. To all those who can smell what your neighbor is cleaning their toilets with from their moving cars, to those who have had to move from their homes because it was making them sick, and to those who have passed away because they could no longer go on, this site is dedicated to you! I hope that those who haven't seen personal injury from chemicals in their life can learn that there is value to do what you can personally, to promote health for yourself and your family. Value the earth; Value makers that promote healthy products, healthy ways; Value those who want health but who are not healthy, their stories, their sufferings.

Today, over a decade later after starting this journey to health and a healthier lifestyle, I’ve overcome many of the issues I started with. My making changes in what I use and expose myself with, by either eliminating or finding a healthier alternative, definitely has made a difference in my health. Along the way, it has also enabled me to work along others that share my passion. I know that what I started in 2001 has also been part of a boom for others to begin doing the same. What was once so hard to find is now more easily available because of what I and others pioneered. It’s awesome to look back and know that it affected others in this way; that I made a difference in other people’s lives and their families.

May you all have good health and prosper.

Jennifer Reed

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