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BioSilk Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Spray | Triclosan free sanitizer, natural hand sanitizers, gluten free sanitizers Moisturizing Hand-2-Sanitizer Spray with Alcohol & Peroxide 8oz

Used as an alternative when handwashing with plain soap and water is not available, kills 99.9% of germs while keeping hands soft and moisturized when you’re on the go!

FREE OF: Sulfate, Paraben, Gluten, Silicone, Triclosan, Preservatives

Our Price: $13.00

Here are our selections for Body Care Cleansers. This page contains all natural liquid body cleansers, body soap, liquid washing accessories shower gels, and body wash. Organic Certified products. Low sudsing sodium lauryl sulfate free alternatives. Scented body wash in lavender, tangarine, vanilla bean, manuka honey, lime, cucumber, citrus and herbal. Sensitive body care products.

Whether you prefer a shower or a bath, you can treat yourself to skin-softening treatments at home. From Cleopatra to Martha Stewart, we all enjoy that private time. I tend to take showers; however, some of my favorite treatments are baths. Bathwater should be warm, but taking a bath with water over 100 degrees can be more harmful than good. The heat can dry the skin out and make you feel more tired. The only time I'd disagree with myself there, would be if you took a hot/cold shower to energize the body and improve circulation. For that, you'd take a hot shower for three minutes, and then turn the water to cold for twenty seconds, then back to hot. For those with itchy skin, you may want to avoid soap products, opting for gentle shower gels. I hope these tips will make your bath time more stimulating and relaxing at the same time.
Samples are approximately 1/4oz packaged in a recyclable jar. These are not produced by the manufacturer, but only through Natural Solutions. The size and price were determined by the largest size container the manufacturer has available and evenly proportioned. Please read our policies under Customer Service Desk as not all items are returnable. We encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens. Testimonials: "I want to thank you for your promptness and integrity in handling my orders. I very much appreciate your honesty. I also value the opportunity to purchase natural cosmetic products." - F.B. CANADA "Thank you! And I just have to tell all of you, you provide the very best service. Everyone I have talked to has been kind and easy to work with. I have adjusted orders after the fact, and it's always been easy. I am changing all of my products to those without harsh, unhealthy ingredients. I am a customer for life. You'll have many more orders from me. Carla"