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Exfoliating the skin can help the skin absorb moisturizer better, unclog pores and even allow healthier skin cells to surface. Use a body polish or scrub cautiously as using it to forcefully could cause irritation to the skin, especially if there are open cuts or abrasions. Used in a modest fashion, you will enjoy a healthier glow and softer skin!

Samples are approximately 1/4oz packaged in a recyclable jar. These are not produced by the manufacturer, but only through Natural Solutions. The size and price were determined by the largest size container the manufacturer has available and evenly proportioned. Please read our policies under Customer Service Desk as not all items are returnable. We encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens.

Quick Questions Commonly Asked

Will it clog my drain?
NO. Salt dissolves and the oils are water soluble as well. If the drain slows, warm water thins the oils, cold will thicken them.

How do I clean up after polishing?
It may help to swish any residue from the bath surface directly following the bath. Dead skin can get gummy and stubborn if left to dry on tub surfaces.

How about shaving?
Polish first, shave second, after rinsing salt. The layer of oil left acts as a perfect shaving barrier. It is a smooth, moisturizing shave that is unlike any other.

How often do I use it?
Every day if you like. As seldom as weekly keeps the skin soft, supple, and moisturized without the use of any other moisturizer.

Will I absorb the salt?
No! People on salt restricted diets can confidently use Body Polish. Sodium is not absorbed through the skin. Do I still have to use soap? Not if you're using Body Polish. The salt scrubs away any dirt or dead skin, and in addition salt is anti-bacterial while promoting new cell growth. It is a great chemical free cleanser, gentle enough for everyday use. This is what people did before the discovery of soap! DON'T use soap after Polishing, that defeats the moisturizing part of the treatment. Many modern soaps are too harsh for skin, and strip the protective layer of emollients which are necessary for the proper functioning of the skin. Body Polish cleanses the skin, while refreshing the protective layer of oils on the surface. You'll feel the difference, and you'll be amazed!

Can I use it on my face?
Sure! And let me suggest the Calming Blend for that purpose. This blend was created specifically for sensitive and imbalanced skin. The essential oils encourage the skin cells, specifically the oil glands to balance themselves. The sea salt is purifying, and anti bacterial. Our crystalline sea salt is not too rough for delicate facial skin. Be sure not to scrub too vigorously on delicate facial skin.

Will it clog my pores?
No! The Organic vegetable oils which we use will not clog your pores, each has a molecular size smaller than the pores. The exfoliating action of the sea salt actually opens clogged pores