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Beauty Wise Bamboo Handle Eyeshadow Concealer Brush | Professional Makeup Brushes, Natural Make Up, Bamboo Cosmetic Brushes Beauty Wise Cosmetics Bamboo Handle Eyeshadow Concealer Brush

Professional brush with sustainable Bamboo Handle Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush. Great for applying base shades and highlighting shades.


Our Price: $4.99

Beauty Wise Bamboo Foundation Brush | Professional Makeup Brushes, Natural Make Up, Bamboo Cosmetic Brushes Beauty Wise Cosmetics Bamboo Handle Foundation Brush OUT OF STOCK

Professional brush with sustainable Bamboo Handle is great for applying concealer powders and liquid or creme concealers. Also applying cream foundation. Can be used for applying facial masks.


Our Price: $6.99
Beauty Wise Bamboo Handle Eyeshadow Crease Brush | Professional Makeup Brushes, Natural Make Up, Bamboo Cosmetic Brushes Beauty Wise Cosmetics Bamboo Handle Eyeshadow Crease Brush

Perfect blending brush. Fits snuggly in the eyelid contour, sweeping color into the crease as well as slightly above and below it for seamless look.


Our Price: $6.99
Real Purity Disguise Cream Concealers | Natural Make Up, Titanium Dioxide Free Concealers, All Natural Cosmetic, Gluten Free Beauty Products Real Purity Cream Concealers

Hide unsightly blemishes and skin discolorations with Real Purity’s Disguise System, a concealer for even the more irritable skin.

Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Gluten Free; Not Tested on Animals

Our Price: $25.95

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer | All Natural Cosmetic, Titanium Dioxide Free Cosmetic, Iron Oxide Free Make Up, Gluten Free Cosmetics 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer

For those desiring long lasting coverage that will resist water, sweat, oil, and caking, while simultaneously delivering nutrients, hydration and skin protecting antioxidants.

Vegan, 100% Gluten Free, Iron Oxide Free, Dye Free, Titanium Dioxide Free

Our Price: $27.00

Rejuva Minerals Concealer Powder | All Natural Make Up, Vegan Living, Gluten Free Living, Titanium Dioxide Free Cosmetic, Mica Free Face Powders Rejuva Minerals Concealer Powder

Our gluten free, vegan friendly loose powder concealers will offer a semi-matte finish, and will help balance skin tones, conceal minor blemishes, rosacea, and other types of skin conditions. Use Natural for blue "under eye" circles or sun spots and Golden Sand for purple "under eye" circles or redness.

Vegan, Paraben, Soy, Gluten and GMO free, Titanium Dioxide, Nano and Mica Free, EWG VERIFIED™ and MADE SAFE™ Certified

Our Price: $35.95

Natural & Oil-Free Concealer

Concealers are great for covering up blemishes and skin imperfections, as well as adding highlights and shadows to your overall look. Natural Solutions has a variety of the best natural concealers for skin of every type and shade. Choose from a range of coversticks, creams, liquids and powders made to minimize the appearance of blemishes with gentle wear that can only be provided from natural ingredients. Choose from our range of paraben free concealers to find your perfect shade and formula.

Show Off Your Best Skin

A yellow base will neutralize any red tones in the skin, but be careful to choose a shade closest to your natural skin tone in order to avoid a raccoon eye look. Our concealers have many benefits:

  • Vegan and gluten-free selections
  • BDIH certified selections
  • Free of mineral oil, GMO ingredients, synthetic dyes & fragrances, EDTA and parabens
  • Some are certified organic by the Organic Food Chain of Australia
These natural makeup concealer options are perfect for those with sensitive skin or people who want a natural alternative to traditional makeup. Shop with Natural Solutions for all your makeup needs and feel the difference on your skin!

Techniques for Applying Concealer

Author Paula Begoun in her book, "The Beauty Bible," has some great tips on the subject. Here are just a few that we feel could help you immediately when purchasing the concealer you need:

Most consider concealers for covering up blemishes and facial imperfections, or even neutralizing dark circles. But concealers can also add highlights and shadow to the skin as well. If you don't have dark circles under the eyes however you may not really need a concealer, your foundation may be able to do the trick all by itself. When you shop for your concealer then, it's critical that the concealer be the same basic, natural skin tone as your foundation, only one or two shades lighter says Begoun.

There are times when a person would want to consider using a concealer slightly darker than your foundation to reduce having a white effect around the eyes.

So here it is in a nut shell: Shop for a neutral skin tone one to two shades lighter than your foundation, but not to light that your eyes look whitish; find one with a smooth texture so it blends well; find what that gives you the right coverage what where your applying it; and that stays on so it doesn't crease.

When do you apply concealer: My favorite is before foundation and blend extremely well so that there is no line of application on the face.

How do I apply concealer: With cover sticks, you may want to apply a small amount on your finger and then pat it onto the skin as you blend. With liquid concealers, you will want to first apply a light moisturizer under it so it can go on smooth. You'll want to use your finger or the wand applicator to apply a small dot on to the skin as a light coat of color under the eyes. Cream concealers usually are thicker, so you can apply it with a sponge applicator blending it well to avoid creasing. We again would suggest applying a light moisturizer underneath prior. When applying a powder concealer, we recommend using a concealer brush lightly after applying moisturizer under the eyes.

After applying concealer you may blend your foundation over top lightly.