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Beauty Wise Bamboo Handle Angled Eyeliner Brush | Professional Makeup Brushes, Natural Make Up, Bamboo Cosmetic Brushes Beauty Wise Cosmetics Bamboo Handle Angled Eyeliner Brush

For precise lining, keep the brush’s longer bristles toward the inside corner of the eye. Softly line eyes close to lash line with eyeliner.


Our Price: $4.99

ZOYA Professional Nail Lacquer Carmen True Red | Camphor Free Nail Polish, Safer Nail Enamels, Natural Make Up Zoya Nail Polish | Carmen Medium True Red Creme

Best described as a bright, clean medium true red in a glossy creme finish. You can't go wrong with this classic red.

Camphor-Free Lacquer, Formaldehyde Free Polish, Free of Dibutyl Pthalate, Vegan friendly, Free of Formaldehyde Resin

Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $7.50
Benecos Natural Eyebrow Pencil Blonde | hypoallergenic products, Certified Natural Make Up, Vegan Products, Beauty Products without Metals Benecos Natural Eyebrow Pencil Blonde 1.05g

This Blonde Eyebrow Pencil is for those with lighter hair. Even if your hair is brown, if you prefer more of a soft, subtle natural look, using the Blonde pencil is the ticket.

BDIH Certified Natural, Cruelty Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan

Our Price: $11.98

Benecos Natural Eyebrow Pencil Brown | hypoallergenic products, Certified Natural Make Up, Vegan Products, Beauty Products without Metals Benecos Natural Eyebrow Pencil Brown 1.05g

If you have the darkest of dark hair (think Katy Perry, Selma Hayek, Rihanna), Benecos Brown will be just right for you. Although it’s called “brown,” it really is more of a black shade.

BDIH Certified Natural, Cruelty Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan

Our Price: $11.98

Earths Beauty Eyebrow Pencils | All Natural Cosmetic, Holistic Beauty Makeup, Mineral Cosmetics Earths Beauty All Natural Eyebrow Pencils

An eye brow pencil for those with sensitive skin! This great pencil comes in 3 colors. Hydrogenated Oil Free.

Carmine Free, Fragrance Free

Our Price: $12.95

Rejuva Minerals Soy Free Multi Purpose Cosmetics | All Natural Make Up, Titanium Dioxide Free Cosmetics, Mica Free Makeup Rejuva Minerals Multi Purpose Eye Shadow / Liner / Brow Powder

Multi Purpose Pressed Powders may be used as eye shadow, brow powder, eye liner, or for highlighting. Several shades and more coming!

Paraben, Soy, Gluten and GMO free, Most Shades Titanium Dioxide Free, Nano and Mica Free, EWG VERIFIED™ and MADE SAFE™ Certified

Our Price: $14.95

BeautyWise Mineral Eye Brow Dust Powder | Natural Make Up, Best All-Natural Brow Powders, Natural Brow Powder, Vegan Beauty Products Beauty Wise Mineral Eye Brow Dust Powder

This wonderful brow dust gives a soft, natural look. You can use this product to create wonderful color to any brow. Help give it shape. 4 shades to fit any skin type. Easy to use. Simple ingredients. Great for sensitive skin. Lasts a long time.

Vegan, Never Tested On Animals, Gluten Free

Our Price: $19.99

Sante Cosmetics All Natural Brow Pencils | Natural Make Up, Vegan Cosmetics, BARE mineral, Carmine-free makeup Sante Cosmetics Natural Brow Pencils

Conceals eyebrow´s imperfections! Give your brows that precise arch. Outline the contours first, then style with the handy brush.

Gluten Free, BDIH Certified Natural, Contains certified EcoCert ingredients, Not Tested on Animals, Carmine Free, No paraffins, No parabens, No silicones, No microplastics or mineral oils.

Our Price: $22.00

Professional Shadow & Liner Makeup Brush | Professional Makeup Artist Brushes, Natural Make Up, Makeup Tools Professional Shadow & Liner Makeup Brush

Double the brushes, double the versatility. Contouring, highlighting and lining all in one brush for the woman on the go.

Natural and Synthetic fibers

Our Price: $28.00
Natural Solutions offers a wide variety of all natural eye brow products to enhance your look. We offer loose brow powder, brow gel, and brow pencils.

  • Vegan and Gluten Free Selections
  • Non-Hydrogenated Pencil Selections
  • Brow gel without mineral oil
Samples are approximately 1/8th Teaspoon size packaged in a mini zip lock baggie or small polycon recyclable jar. Some samples may be smaller. They are designed for one or more uses depending upon the product. They are not made for reselling. They are made for individual use. These are not produced by the manufacturer, but only through Natural Solutions. The size and price were determined by the largest size container the manufacturer has available and evenly proportioned. Please read our policies under Customer Service Desk as not all items are returnable. Every person's skin is unique, and as with all cosmetics we recommend that a person apply a small amount of the product to the inner wrist for 1-2 days before applying elsewhere to ensure comfort and compatibility. We encourage everyone to read the ingredient labels carefully to avoid allergens.

Please note: There are no sample sizes available for liner pencils or liquid liners. We do however make swatch cards that have the color dried to it with a description so you can see it first hand. These are not for applying, only viewing the shades.


We recommend using "The Beauty Bible" for some great tips. Here are a few that author Paula Begoun suggests:

How to Use Powder Eyebrow Colors: They should be applied using a soft-textured powder that matches the brow color exactly. You can apply with a soft wedge brush or a tiny eyeliner brush. Follow the basic shape of the brow similarly as how you'd tweeze. Fill in only at the front or underneath the brow, or through the brow itself. Avoid applying brow color above the brow. To soften, you can use an old clean toothbrush or a brow comb.

How to Use Eyebrow Pencils: It is important to remember that eye brow pencils can create a hard look and mat the eyebrow hair in your not careful. They can also produce a greasy appearance. If you have a hard time applying pencils in a soft manner, you may want to consider using loose powder. Many makeup artists use both pencil and powder these days. If applying a pencil causes pain or applies to dramatically or thickly, stop using it. To apply softly, use featherlight strokes underneath the brow or through the brow itself.

What to look out for: The idea is to shape rather than draw on eyebrows. Do not place the brow color more than one-quarter inch away from where your natural hair growth stops. You do not want a line look to the brow but a shadow of a brow. Match the exact color of the brow rather than your hair color. For pale eyebrows that you want to darken, use a soft shade of brown close to your brows natural color if possible. For red hair and brown eyebrows, using a red-brown powder will look unnatural, so just stick with brown. For thick brows, you may want to consider a clear brow gel for light grooming.

For more advice, see Paula Begouns cosmetic books!