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All-Natural Organic Makeup | Getting the best organic cosmetics without losing style

Buying 100% natural organic mineral makeup, either online or in-store can be a challenge. Those who shop for all-natural and organic products are looking for purity cosmetics, meaning no harsh man-made chemicals that are potentially harmful, both to the individual or the environment. They are also seeking quality, and products that keep up with today's trends.  Makeup Artists have recommended using a pre-base to make sure your makeup will last all day. Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon used one to set her natural wedding makeup.  Can you find products like this in the all natural make up market? Yes you can.  Nvey Eco Organics and 100% Pure Cosmetics have set the standards.  While not compromising on style, they have given consumers good quality all-natural make up and included items like foundation primers, concealers, lip moisturizing lipsticks and bronzers.  Nvey Eco Organics promotes being green as their standard by offering a complimentary recycling program for their cosmetics that also gives back to the consumer. 100% Pure believes in 'waste not want not' as they make small batches of their natural and organic beauty products which means higher quality for you, and less issues with wasted products due to freshness issues. The all-organic shopper who is searching for synthetic-free standouts will definately not want to pass an opportunity to sample these lines at top retailer, Natural Solutions – Holistic Beauty, Body & Bath Limited, online at www.bewellstaywell.com. Their philosophy for the last ten years has been, "where only the purest will do for you!"

Organic? What is Organic?

Nvey puts it this way: "More than just a fashionable word, at NVEY ECO, Organics is a lifestyle, a responsible approach to cosmetics and an understanding of our environment. A truly Organic brand, NVEY ECO onlyuses ingredients that are both loving and nurturing to our skin. Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain, a leading Australian certifying body that audits and certifies manufactured products as well as farms and crops, NVEY ECO products are made with processes and ingredients that meet a certified standard.  We avoid the use of common cosmetic chemicals like Parabens, Petroleum based ingredients, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, synthetic fragrances and genetically modified ingredients. So at NVEY ECO, when we say Organic, we mean Certified Organic!"

What are the benefits? Nvey has the answer, "The list is long, but the benefit of using Organic products is to give your skin and body a rest from chemicals. Over the past few years, there has been more talk about the effects of over exposure to chemicals and toxins in cosmetics, especially for those of us with a more sensitive skin. At NVEY ECO, we believe that if you can find a product that works for you and doesn’t contain the obvious nasty chemicals, you will be helping yourself and the environment."