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Why Natural Solutions?
Because at Natural Solutions, our philosophy is "Where Only the Purest Will Do For You!"

We offer you our guarantee that we are just as picky as some of our most pickiest customers. Natural isn't just our philosophy. We sell what we offer and wear it ourselves! We know there are many companies popping up on the net that are competing to take your attention, so Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty, Body & Bath are determined to not compromise for your sake and ours. We not only look at quality of ingredients, but packaging as well. We aren't a company that likes waste. We reuse materials all the time and that's why we really hope that you will value the ability to save our printable catalogs to disk.

Our manufacturers that we deal with do NO ANIMAL TESTING. You can also find among these brands, vegan products. However, some product lines do have animal ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin or wool wax. Since many cerimides are taken from pig skin, you'll only find one line that contains them here, and they are taken from plant instead. All ingredients will be posted so you can review the details at your convenience.

We strive to offer the best alternatives to our customers.  Yes, there are many products on the market, and it would be great to have everyone, but we have chosen specific products or brands because of their ideals.  Some manufacturers you may be familiar with, others are maybe new to you.  We import in a few and some we find right here in the states.  We share the philosophies of all the manufacturers we use.  We will not offer products that contain Parabens, SLS, ALS, Mineral Oil, Urea or other Formaldehyde donning preservatives.

Customer Service:
We strive to improve on our customer service all the time.  We deal with many customer questions each week.  We try our best to answer them.  If we don't have the answer, just give us some time, we'll find it.  If we don't have something, we'll refer you so someone who does, if we know.  If we make a mistake with something, please remember we are real people just like you.  We will make things right.  We do not intentionally make mistakes.  We believe in honesty, kindness, and punctuality.  We do not sell or give out customer information.  We will always strive to settle issues without being unfriendly, and we hope that if a problem does occur, you will show the same courtesy.